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Hopson - Meat Salad for Tenor Trombone

Composer: Hopson

Arranger: Hopson

$20.00 USD



‘Meat Salad’ is a new piece for solo Tenor Trombone commissioned by Ilan Morgenstern of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Inspired in part by the slap-bass stylings of artists like Bootsy Collins and in part by the inimitable trombone playing of ‘Funky Fred’ Wesley, this piece is simultaneously a groovy crowd-pleaser and an acrobatic showstopper. ‘Meat Salad for Tenor Trombone’ gives the advanced tenor trombonist the opportunity unleash his/her full repertoire of tricks including: trills, growls, turns, glissandi, extended range, and just about every type articulation imaginable.

The Bass Trombone version was premiered in August 2019 at the 2nd annual Vancouver Trombone Week, with the composer adding an emphatic (if unsophisticated) cowbell accompaniment to Morgenstern’s bass trombone.

For advanced performers.

Also below is a video track of a live performance of Meat Salad for Bass Trombone (tenor version has less trigger notes, lots of "meaty" pedal B-flats and some passages up an octave) by Ilan with composer Jim Hopson performing on the cowbell (Bravo Jim!!")

This music is available on iTunes as a eBook.

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