• Hudson - Let's Play Trombone Method Volume 3

Hudson - Let's Play Trombone Method Volume 3

Composer: Hudson

Arranger: Hudson

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Let’s Play Trombone Volume 3 is the final book of the series, introducing and explaining more advanced techniques of the trombone.

The routines are preceded by text that gives you instructions on how to follow each routine. Therefore, it is important that you carefully read all the text and implement the concepts and instructions in the performance of each facet of your playing.

All scales and arpeggios are introduced throughout the lessons. As they are the building blocks of music, you should constantly work on memorizing all the scales and arpeggios right from the beginning as they are introduced.

Let’s Play Trombone Volume 3 exposes the trombonist to double, triple and doodle tonguing, false pedal tones, extended intervals, five to seven sharp and flat major and minor scales and arpeggios, tenor and alto clefs, high register (b-flat and above), pedal tones and false tones, plus the combining of all these new techniques.

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