• Innes - The Sea-Shells Waltz for Trombone and Band

Innes - The Sea-Shells Waltz for Trombone and Band

Composer: Innes

Arranger: Buckholz

$120.00 USD



The Sea-Shells Waltz was written in 1880 and first-performed as a solo with Concert Band in 1887 as part of a musical challenge Innes posed to the great French cornetist, Jules Levy. They were both in New York performing as soloists with the legendary Gilmore band for some summer concerts. Levy would play a solo and Innes would follow with an even more elaborate one. One day Levy brought in a new solo in which he injected his own extemporaneous cadenza made up of everything he could do on the cornet. When his turn came to play, Innes also had something up his sleeve.  He had written a brand new solo for the trombone, entitled The Sea-Shells Waltz with a minute and one-half cadenza.

This legendary musical duel brought forth a delightful solo that has been rediscovered and edited by Trombonist Chris Buckholz for Trombone Solo and Concert Band. The solo is about 8-minutes in length for advanced performers.

Below is a gorgeous sample of some of this gorgeous arrangement with band beautifully performed by Chris Buckholz, from his double CD album Versatility.

This work has been added to our Vintage Brass series.

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