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Lamb - Bagatelle for Bass Trombone and Piano

Composer: Lamb

Arranger: Lamb

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Bagatelle was commissioned in 2016 by bass trombonist Jonathan Warburton as a companion piece to Pledge (2010). The piece is in A minor, and opens with a determined march-like theme shared by both instruments. The following section uses an ascending Dorian mode scale as its primary motif, before merging this theme with the opening march melody. The bass trombone and piano share equally important roles in the work. The piece is titled Bagatelle, as it is a short and unpretentious work.

Shane Lamb’s new work “Bagatelle” for Bass Trombone and Piano challenges both performers with different colors and expressive moods. About 4 minutes in length, this work is very appropriate for advanced intermediate performers. The range is modest and there is a muted section as well as a rubato cadenza-like section for the soloist.

Listen to a digital rendition of the work below.

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