• Marcello - Sonatas 1-3 for Two Trombones

Marcello - Sonatas 1-3 for Two Trombones

Composer: Marcello

Arranger: Chiang

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The Benedetto Marcello - Sonatas 1-3 for Two Trombones beautifully arranged by Justin Chiang are a collection of captivating and expressive compositions that showcase the beauty and versatility of the Trombone (originally for the Cello and Continuo). Composed by Italian Baroque composer Benedetto Marcello in the early 18th century, these sonatas are a testament to his mastery of melody and harmonic progression. Each of the three sonatas is characterized by its lyrical melodies, intricate counterpoint, and rich harmonies, offering a delightful blend of technical challenges and emotional depth. From the lively and energetic Allegros to the introspective and melancholic Adagios, these sonatas provide a rewarding musical experience for both performers and listeners alike, standing as enduring gems of the repertoire.

Each Sonata in four-movement Italian style of "slow-fast-slow-fast" is about 7-minutes in length, all in bass clef and appropriate for advanced intermediate to moderately advanced performers. The melody and bass lines are often shared between the two parts. The bottom part may also be performed successfully on the Bass Trombone.

The digital sound rendition is of Sonata No. 1 in F.

This edition is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

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