• Miller - Granger Oasis for Trombone and Piano

Miller - Granger Oasis for Trombone and Piano

Composer: Miller

Arranger: Miller

$30.00 USD



Granger Oasis for Trombone and Piano is a tone poem by James Miller, Trombonist with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. It is exciting, poetic, contemplative, driving and heartfelt. Cherry Classics is proud to present it as a major new original solo contemporary work for the Trombone. 

The music is about 9 minutes in length and will challenge the skills of the very advanced performer.

You will find the story behind this new work, as told by Mr. Miller truly inspirational.

It was winter, 1993, when I set off to drive my 1983 Subaru from New York City to the state of Iowa where I grew up. Traveling west on I-80, it was about 4 a.m. and a mere -4º F when my car decided to give out on me in the grand state of Indiana. I hobbled into a truck stop and slept in a TV chair (a lounge chair with a TV built into the arm rest) until a repair shop was open several hours later. Doubtful of my chances of getting anywhere, I entrusted my auto to the fine repair personnel of Granger, IN. The weather turned foul and the temperature dipped to -10 f when I ventured on foot to find food. The diner I discovered was friendly and warm and even allowed me to call the repair shop. After a hearty feast and good conversation with my fellow customers, I paid the $8 bill and went to retrieve my car. $20 for a fuel filter  (including installation) and I was on my way!

This piece is a tribute to the good people of Granger and a tone poem illustrating my adventures there.

James Miller

Listen to the work below in an outstanding performance by Mr. Miller.

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