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Mueller - School for Trombone, volumes 1, 2 & 3 complete

Composer: Mueller

Arranger: Cherry

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Albert Robert Mueller (Müller) was a German trombonist born in 1849.  He initially received violin lessons and discovered his talent for trombone playing at the age of twelve. He eventually settled in Leipzig and became a member of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra as well as a teacher at the Royal Conservatory of Music. He wrote the School for Trombone in 1902. (Wikipedia)

The School for Trombone (part of our Vintage Brass Series, not to be confused with the Technical Etudes) is a very detailed and comprehensive book in three volumes totalling 208 pages, the text being divided into German, English and Russian languages.

• Volume I includes detailed lessons on music theory including all scales and keys, rhythm, time signatures, rests, accents, accidentals, explanations of tempo markings, dynamics, posture, tone, a table of positions and notes. The lessons go through different keys starting very slowly and methodically with short exercises....not going too fast for the beginning student. Along the way Mueller inserts easy duets to perform with teacher and student, including many Bach chorales, etc. to get tuning and tone solidified. 

• Volume II for the intermediate level student, begins with the first studies of slurs and legato. He introduces simple songs and famous melodies including more duets. The exercises get progressively more difficult and include the entire collection of ornaments.

• Volume III, for the more advanced student, introduces tenor and alto clefs in scales and studies including more duets. 

Compiled by Gordon Cherry

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