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O'Neil - Machinery, 4 pieces for 6-part Trombone Ensemble and Percussion

Composer: O'Neil

Arranger: O'Neil

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Stuart O'Neil has written a new work entitled "Machinery" in 4 movements for 6-part Trombone ensemble and Percussion. Below is the composer's explanation of his exciting and dramatic work.

"The four pieces in this collection are written for 6-part trombone ensemble and accompanying percussion; they may be performed together or individually. Each piece is a study in the trombone’s distinct glissando capability and should be approached in a relatively aggressive, but not overly serious, manner: concert music, but with considerable jazz-rock influence, especially in regards to rhythm and dynamics. The pieces are similar, but each has its own character."

1. Machine is a well-oiled, highly-functioning machine, with all parts efficiently working together.

2. Rush Hour is a hectic, busy traffic scene, but somewhat cartoon-like.

3. Suspension Bridge is strong metal under extreme stress, straining but not breaking.

4. Assembly Line is a factory conveyor belt: loud, busy, with lots of heavy machinery.

This 10 minute work is appropriate for advanced performers.

Below is a sample from a 2012 recording of a live performance of Machinery conducted by the composer and performed by the KU (University of Kansas) Trombone Choir, Dr. Michael Davidson, Director.

Free pdf Sample

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