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Pergolesi - Sinfonia in F for Trombone & Piano

Composer: Pergolesi

Arranger: Sauer

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Originally written for Cello, Ralph Sauer's brilliant arrangement of the Pergolesi Sinfonia (Sonata) for Trombone and Piano (or Harpsichord) has become a standard work in the solo repertoire. This new edition of about 8-minutes in length comes with some notable changes. Below are Mr. Sauer's notes.

This new edition of the Pergolesi Sinfonia in F is an update of the original version which was first published 40 years ago (!) and is now permanently out of print. Movements one, two, and three are essentially the same. I have corrected a few errors in the keyboard part and also revised some of the notation—notably, grace notes are now placed correctly. (The original publisher insisted that they should be placed after barlines, causing confusion as to whether they were to be played on the beat or before the beat.)

In the last movement, there are now two places where the keyboard takes over the solo line. In addition to providing much needed rest for the trombonist, it gives a change of color and a chance for the keyboard player to be the “soloist” for a few measures.

The original version of the last movement is also included as an appendix for those who would rather perform the original.

Ralph Sauer
Los Angeles, 2017

Below is an excerpt from Ralph Sauer's 1974 recording of his arrangement of the Pergolesi Sinfonia.

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