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Raum - Four Elements for Violin and Trombone

Composer: Raum

Arranger: Raum

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Four Elements was originally composed for Violin and Bass Trombone. It was written as a Christmas present for the composer's sister, Priscilla, and her husband, Bass Trombonist, Gordon Hallberg, who performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Raum was experimenting with tone rows at the time, and the row is first stated in the first six notes in the Trombone part, followed by the next six in the Violin part. The titles are descriptive of the moods of each movement.

Water has the lines of the instruments flowing, as in a river with swirls and eddies.

Earth has Jazz influences which are intended to give an "Earthy" quality to the second movement.

Air, with mutes, glissandos, multiphonic humming and quasi unmeasured rhythm, seeks to "float;"

The finale, Fire, is crackling with excitement.

This work can be performed by advanced performers. Tenor Trombone with an f-attachment or Bass Trombone may be used.

There is another version of this work for Trumpet and Trombone Duo.

The performers on the sound sample below are Erika Raum Violinist and Richard Raum, Trombonist, performing "Water", the 1st movement of the work.

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