• Ravel - Trois Chansons for Four Trombones

Ravel - Trois Chansons for Four Trombones

Composer: Ravel

Arranger: Sauer

$30.00 USD



Trois Chansons (Three Songs) is a work by Maurice Ravel originally composed for a cappella choir written in 1915 in the spirit of nursery rhymes, with a Renaissance almost archaic sounding atmosphere.

Ravel composed the Three Songs (Nicolette, Trois beaux oiseaux du Paradis and Ronde) in response to World War I while he was waiting to be drafted and he dedicated the songs to three people who might help him enlist in the military. The common theme in all the Songs is loss.

Mr. Sauer has beautifully arranged the Trois Chansons for 4 Trombones (part 1 is printed in tenor and alto clef). They are appropriate for advanced performers and total about 7-minutes in length.

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