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Reynolds - Four Psalms for Four Trombones

Composer: Reynolds

Arranger: Reynolds

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Here is a description of the Four Psalms for Four Trombones by Jeff Reynolds.

"Musical settings of The Psalms of David are a staple in the Compline world, and are indeed the musical nut of Compline. I composed these in modes for a choir of men, with countertenors and text, and thought these settings would be a soothing repast for the trombone world; maybe not for the 1st player.

The lack of stems and meter is a way to get away from the rhythmic feel of western music and into the lumpy, arhythmic, text driven zone of chant. There are only 3 basic note lengths: a larger white note is a whole note; a smaller white note is a half note surrogate; and a black note is a quarter note.

Be not anxious to get to the new phrase. Taking time for breaths is a good thing.

Psalm 130 is a Penitential Psalm, with music in the acerbic style of Igor Stravinsky after the 2nd trombone solo from the Russian Easter of Korsakov." 

Mr. Reynolds has written settings for Psalms 4, 91 Qui habitat, 130 De profundis and 103. The Psalms are appropriate for moderately advanced to intermediate level performers.

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