• Sch??tz - Two Sacred Pieces for 8-part Trombone Ensemble

Sch??tz - Two Sacred Pieces for 8-part Trombone Ensemble

Composer: Sch??tz

Arranger: Biggs

$35.00 USD



Heinrich Schu??tz (1585-1672) wrote the Musikalische Exequien, opus 7 (SWV 279-281) for the funeral of Prince Heinrich Posthumus von Reuss (1572-1635). Prince Heinrich???s widow and sons commissioned the work upon his death and provided Schu??tz with Bible verses as the text, which were also inscribed on the prince???s coffin.

Two of the three parts of the Musikalische Exequien have been arranged for 8-part Trombone Ensemble in two different choirs. The first piece,? Motet is reminiscent of Gabrieli's Sonatas. The second piece, Canticum Sineonis? is dense, rich, and evokes deep spiritual suffering and loss.

Two Sacred Pieces have been? exquisitely? edited and arranged by Kenneth Biggs for moderately advanced performers and? work very well with 2 Alto Trombones, 4 Tenor Trombones, and 2 Bass Trombones.

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