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Stewart - Colours for Trombone and Guitar

Composer: Stewart

Arranger: Stewart

$22.50 USD



The composer's description of this fascinating, expressive and unique work:

"I wrote this piece after being inspired by the poem 'Colours' by Yevgeny Yevtushenko, an older contemporary poet who was of Russian heritage [recently deceased].  This coincided - of course - with the loss of my 'heart's desire'.  I wrote one melodic note for each syllable of the English translation of the text. I came up with the melody in the left hand of the piano with right hand playing chords/lines above it.  I re-wrote the chordal parts for the guitar [my true instrument] with the idea of a low voice singing the words below the guitar part.  It seems the melody was not singable!  However, I did not want to change it- I thought the melody was exactly as it should be."

This work is about 3 minutes in length and appropriate for advanced performers.

Listen to a live performance of this haunting work by Trombonist Michael Kris and Guitarist/Composer Billy Stewart:

Live performance on YouTube

Free pdf Sample

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