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Strauss - Three Choruses for Trombone Ensemble

Composer: Strauss

Arranger: Hinterbichler

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Richard Strauss' Three Choruses were originally written in the early 1900's and scored for men's choir with lyrics by Friedrich Rückert. The titles are:

1. Vor den Tüten - In Front of the Doors

2. Traumlicht - Dream Light

3. Flöhlich im Maien - Happy in May

There is a hint of Schubert in these works, harking back to the lovely Suite of Leider. The three lovely movements of about 14 minutes in length total have been arranged for moderately advanced Trombone Ensemble (4 and 5 part) by Karl Hinterbichler. 

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Listen to the choral group Chanticleer beautifully perform Traumlicht.

YouTube performance

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