• ThomasDavidEvan - Talisman for Horn and Piano

ThomasDavidEvan - Talisman for Horn and Piano

Composer: ThomasDavidEvan

Arranger: ThomasDavidEvan

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Here is an excellent description of Talisman for Horn and Piano by the composer, David Evan Thomas:

Talisman, is a buoyant and songful recital piece for horn and piano.

A talisman is an object, such as an amulet, a bowl, or even a symbol, held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune. This Talisman is a sonic charm, a brief recital piece that captures the essence of the Maine lakes and woods, evoking in song a sense of the rustic and the legendary. It was commissioned by Minneapolis resident Holly Windle in tribute to her mother, Jan, who played the horn as an adolescent.

The premiere was given by Charles Hodgson, horn, and the composer in Saint Paul, Minnesota on November 11, 2021, heard below in this fine live performance.

It is appropriate for advanced intermediate performers and is about 4 minutes in length.

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