• vanDijk - Ben's Basics Method for Tenor Trombone with F attachment /  Bass Trombone

vanDijk - Ben's Basics Method for Tenor Trombone with F attachment / Bass Trombone

Composer: vanDijk

Arranger: vanDijk

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This new 4th edition of Ben van Dijk's book Ben's Basics - Method for Bass Trombone / Tenor Trombone with F attachment is now available from Cherry Classics Music.

Below are Ben's thoughts about the book, which is a culmination of ideas from his years as one of the great pedagogs of the Trombone.

In this book, I’d like to give you some guidance in various areas of trombone playing. Of course, there are many more topics one could address, but I have focused on three areas in this book.

1. Breathing

2. Daily Routines

3. Warm-up

It is my hope to give you some perspective and direction, but it is definitely not my idea to make you dependent on this book. On the contrary, I hope to encourage you to look for ideas yourself and be as inventive as possible.

Most of my ideas come from many years of playing and teaching combined with all the wonderful contacts I have had with different experts on these matters during my career. It’s a combination of the ideas which have helped me to come to where I am right now. They also have proven to be of value to many of my students. During many of the master classes I have given in the past years, students and colleagues have asked me to write down my ideas and bundle them into a book. 

Here are some of the great endorsements Ben has received from major names in the trombone world.

• Bravo Ben! I am so impressed with your new method book....Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombonist, New York Philharmonic

• Congratulations to Ben on a wonderful book....John Engelkes, Bass Trombonist, San Fransicso Symphony

• This is a unique, highly practical work for every serious student of the trombone....Heinz Fadle, Prof. Hochschule für Musik, Detmold, Germany

• I assure you that this book is beneficial not only to the young generations aspiring to be trombone players but also to orchestra players like yourself....Inoue Jumpei, Bass Trombonist, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra

• ....The exercises are great and the text is very practical and helpful. I'm going to use it myself....Bart van Lier, Jazz soloist and Principal Trombonist of the Metropole Orchestra

• This book is great, not only for bass and tenor trombone players but for brass players in general....Bill Reichenbach, Studio (Jazz) Bass Trombone virtuoso

• ....He has used his artistry and vast experience to create a work of significant importance....Jiggs Whigham, Internationally acclaimed trombonist, band leader, and educator

• Ben van Dijk is one of the great trombone masters of our time....with his new book, he shows himself to be equally adept as an author....Douglas Yeo, Bass Trombonist retired, Boston Symphony Orchestra

This book is also available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

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