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Verdi - Overture to "Nabucco" for Trombone Quintet by iTromboni

Composer: Verdi

Arranger: iTromboni

$34.50 USD



Nabucco is the opera which established Verdi's reputation as a great composer and even he realized its importance as he noted, "this is the opera with which my artistic career really begins".

 iTromboni alum Kenneth Pearce and Andrew Poirier have skillfully set the Overture to "Nabucco" to highlight the beautiful melodies and technical flare in their arrangement for trombone quintet (2 altos, 2 tenors, bass). As in the original, it all begins with a stately trombone chorale, hints at the big melody of “Va, pensiero” (the great chorus of the Hebrew slaves) and reaches its energetic conclusion full of gusto!

This arrangement is suitable for advanced performers and can be heard on iTromboni’s debut album: “there goes the neighbourhood”.

Listen below to iTromboni brilliantly perform some clips from their debut album: “there goes the neighbourhood”.

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