• Wilborn - Elysian Fields for Four Trombones

Wilborn - Elysian Fields for Four Trombones

Composer: Wilborn

Arranger: Wilborn

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Here is a detailed description of the work by composer, David F. Wilborn.

Elysian Fields was written for the Elysian Trombone Consort. Members of the ensemble include: Timothy Anderson, Chad Arnow, Nathan Siler, and Brett Shuster. The work was created as part of a recital feature that took place at the 2021 International Trombone Festival entitled A New Initiative II: Trombone Quartet Music by Composers of Color. The Elysian Trombone Consort created the “New Initiative” concert series as a vehicle to promote new and existing works by composers from under-represented gender, ethnic and social communities. The concert series aims to highlight the creative scholarship of under-represented artists. The ultimate goal is to encourage the programming and creation of more compositions by these scholars.

The title Elysian Fields (also known as Elysium) is a venue in mythology that references a final resting place in the afterlife for the Greek Gods. Although Elysium was originally designated for Greek Gods and mortals who may have been related to the Gods, the venue was also accessible to certain mortals by the Gods for their heroic deeds or by those who enjoyed favor with the Gods. Images of Elysium are said to have radiant sunshine, rolling hills and, according to Homer in his Odyssey, the most pleasant weather conditions – “no snow, nor heavy storm, nor ever rain.”

The music Elysian Fields attempts to capture the frivolity of living in Elysium. It portrays the radiant sunshine and the spirit of joy. The place is by all accounts a surreal landscape where sun rays softly beam down on the fields and, in some cases, it emanates as a heavenly backdrop. It is a place of everlasting happiness, serenity, and peace.

 This 5-minute work is accessible by intermediate to moderately advanced performers.

The track below is from a live performance by the Elysian Trombone Consort at the International Trombone Festival in 2021

Free PDF Sample

YouTube video of another excellent performance from the Texas A&M University-Kingsville KAIZEN Trombone Quartet


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