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Wilborn - SlideShow for 8-part Trombone Ensemble

Composer: Wilborn

Arranger: Wilborn

$42.50 USD



David Wilborn's SlideShow for 8-part Trombone Ensemble is a "showy" work that has continuous energy all the way throughout. It is in A-B-A format with the B section being a bit more relaxed. The work has lots of rhythmic and tonal contrasts and gives a very good work out for the performers' slides as well, as per the title.

The music is about 6 minutes in length, all in bass clef and is appropriate for advanced performers.

SlideShow was written for Jon Bohls and the SlideShow Trombone Choir of Dallas, Texas. The recording below is a great tribute to this work by the SlideShow Trombone Choir of Dallas Texas, conducted by Joh Bohls.

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