• Wilborn - Tsunami for 8-part Trombone Ensemble

Wilborn - Tsunami for 8-part Trombone Ensemble

Composer: Wilborn

Arranger: Wilborn

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Here is a description of this fine work by the composer, Dr David F. Wilborn:

Tsunami, for eight-part trombone ensemble, is designed to capture some of the energy and drama of a tsunami wave speeding towards a coastline. The opening musical themes are powerful and bold. These melodies are accompanied by pulsating and aggressive rhythms. After a while, the tension of the music subsides as a calm serene sound of Polynesian music emerges. Here the joyful entertaining atmosphere is a total contrast to the previous themes. The scene captures a moment of frivolity and images of participants who are totally unaware of impending danger. But that moment is brief as the tsunami music abruptly returns. The work concludes by capturing the image of the powerful tsunami wave racing for the coastline. At this point, a tsunami siren blares, and the music builds with great intensity. Upon hearing unexpected silence followed by a loud minor chord, it becomes clear that the massive wave has hit the coast. The destruction is done and the dreadful event is over. All seems well until the siren again sounds and the infamous opening tsunami music returns.

This 8-minute work is appropriate for moderately advanced performers. The range is moderate and all the parts are in bass clef.

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