• Wolking - BEAD for Three Trombones

Wolking - BEAD for Three Trombones

Composer: Wolking

Arranger: Wolking

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BEAD for Three Trombones by Henry Wolking is a new work in four movements, each movement in a different key: B - E - A - D

Here is the composer's description for BEAD:

The title says it all, four movements in four flat keys for three trombones. This work marks almost fifty years since my first trombone trio Three Movements was published in the mid 70's. It celebrates the unique sound of trombones in my favorite keys, and concludes my trombone trio writing. Enjoy!

This approachable work is about 8 minutes in length and suitable for advanced intermediate performers. All parts are in bass clef and the bottom part may be played on a straight tenor, tenor with f-attachment or bass trombone.

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