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Wolking - FORESTS for 10 Trombones

Composer: Wolking

Arranger: Wolking

$45.00 USD



Henry Wolking has written an exciting new work for Trombone Ensemble: FORESTS for 10 TROMBONES. This work, written for advanced performers is perfectly suited for nature lovers and the outdoors as it features the following special effect sounds: water, bird calls, the wind, the colors of the forest and winter storms. As well, the composer uses multiple mute colors, enhancing the sound of the music.

The instrumentation is for two choirs of five with: 2 alto trombones, 6 tenor trombones and 2 bass trombones. It is about 10 minutes in length.

The soundtrack taken from the introduction and conclusion is brilliantly performed by Mike Hall from his new album Hooked on Polyphony and is available on all major streaming sites.

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