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Wolking - Mannequin Challenge for Brass Quintet

Composer: Wolking

Arranger: Wolking

$27.50 USD



Here is a description of the music by the composer, Henry Wolking.

"Mannequin Challenge is a work for brass quintet inspired by the participatory video fad in which a group of people are shown posing stock-still for the camera while music is playing in the background. It became a social media participating video fad in November 2016 (with the hashtag #mannequinChallenge). Since then it has had become a world-wide phenomena, sort of like the Ice-Bucket Challenge, which I considered writing about, but then got cold feet. This work inverts the mannequin challenge sequence in that the music plays first, and then the musicians freeze in  brief silence. Though the freezes are only in 3/8 in between the particularly beguiling musical interludes, they may be extended to any length. Long live social media and brass quintet mannequin challenges!"

This piece is scored for traditional brass quintet with Trumpets in B-flat and for advanced performers of about 2+ minutes in length.

Below is a digital sample of the music as an example.

Free pdf Sample

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