• Wendel - This is Home, Album of music for solo Trombone, Piano & solo Voice

Wendel - This is Home, Album of music for solo Trombone, Piano & solo Voice

Composer: Wendel

Arranger: Wendel

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Trombonist Brian Wendel has released a brilliant new album of solos for Trombone and Piano (Carter Johnson, Piano accompaniment), unaccompanied Trombone and one work for unaccompanied Voice (Karen Wendel).

The Tracklist on this album is:

Scriabin - Three Etudes for Trombone and Piano from Etudes Op. 2 & 8, arranged by Ralph Sauer. The sheet music is for sale here.

J. S. Bach - Unaccompanied Suite No. 4 BWV 1010, transcribed for Unaccompanied Trombone

Crespo - Improvisation for Solo Trombone

Prokofiev - Romeo & Juliet, Suite No. 1 Op. 64, arranged for Trombone and Piano by Charles Vernon. The sheet music is for sale here.

Wendel - Dear Child is Brian’s composition of a folk-style hymn featuring Karen Wendel as vocalist.

Below are Mr. Wendel's thoughts on his album.

"In March 2020, the entire world hit the pause button and forced musicians, along with many others, to cancel performances for an indeterminate period moving forward. We have been at home, repeating the same tasks each day, and living with the essentials: our basic needs, our loved ones, our own thought worlds, and perhaps a musical instrument or another hobby if we’re lucky. At a time when we are at home for what seems like an eternity, we can so clearly see what ‘home’ means to us (something different for everyone).

The collection of music on this album is an expression of my ‘musical home’. J. S. Bach, the grandfather of classical music so-to-say, has been the center point on which Western Classical Music is based. Crespo’s Improvisation has been a center point in my performances for many years, a piece that I feel proud to play and find new magic in each time. The passion, as well as the crunch in the Russian selections of Prokofiev's Romeo and Juliet Suite arranged by Charlie Vernon and the Scriabin Three Etudes, arranged by Ralph Sauer, are always fascinating and compelling to me and satisfies my love of being in the heart of the music that’s equally bold and vulnerable at once. And last but not least, my own composition, Dear Child, performed by those in my ‘actual’ home and about my faith and family, was the last piece of the puzzle yet the most meaningful as well. I wrote this hymn for my unborn son, and it is sung by my amazingly gifted wife, Karen."

Below are samples from the tracks on Brian's amazing album.  

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