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Beethoven - Three Duos for Two Trombones

Composer: Beethoven

Arranger: Sauer

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Beethoven’s Three Duos were originally written for Clarinet and Cello, but are often performed with Bassoon. They were published without an opus and were probably intended as gifts for friends, or to be performed at a private chamber music soireé. Mr. Sauer’s arrangements are delightful to play.

Duos One and Two have three movements; the first in the traditional Sonata form, the second a “slow movement” Larghetto and third movement a zippy Rondo. Duo Three begins with a first movement Allegro and the second movement is an Aria with Variations, having a quick “Gigue-like” Allegro tacked on to the end.

These duos may be performed by Tenor and Bass Trombone or 2 Tenors, with the 2nd part needing an f-attachment to reach down for some D’s and C’s. The first parts are all in Tenor Clef and these three works are of moderate difficulty.

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