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Bach - Four Duets for Two Trombones BWV 802-805

Composer: Bach

Arranger: Sauer

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The Four Duets, BWV 802-805 are part of a larger collection, the Clavier-übung III sometimes called the German Organ Mass. They were first published in 1739, mostly likely intended to be performed on the organ, as they have a range from C2 to C6; playable on almost any organ from that era. However, they could have been performed on any keyboard of the time.

Musically they are more complex than the Two Part Inventions, and their purpose was most likely to take two-part counterpoint "to the max".

• Fugue 1 is a double fugue in E minor

• Fugue 2 is a fugue in F major written as a da capo aria (ABA)

• Fugue 3 in G major is light and dance-like

• Fugue 4 in A minor is a fugue in strict counterpoint

Ralph Sauer has once again done an extraordinary job of finding great music for our instrument and transcribing it in the most beautiful way possible.

Appropriate for advanced performers. Each player has their own part as well as a study score. The 2nd part may be performed on a tenor with f-attachment or a bass trombone.

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