• Albeniz - Asturias / Leyenda for Trombone Quartet

Albeniz - Asturias / Leyenda for Trombone Quartet

Composer: Albeniz

Arranger: Hinterbichler

$32.50 USD



Asturias or Leyenda (Legend) as named by the composer is a 6-minute work originally written in 1892 for the Piano as part of a three-movement suite entitled Chants d'Espagne. The work is actually best known in its very popular guitar rendition.

The music is in the Andalusian flamenco style A-B-A with a malagueña as the B section.

Karl Hinterbichler has worked some technical magic with his new arrangement for Trombone Quartet. Advanced performers will have a great time working out this mesmerizing piece of music.

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