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Lotti - Crucifixus for 8-part Trombone ensemble

Composer: Lotti

Arranger: Brink

$25.00 USD



Crucifixus by Antonio Lotti is part of his Credo in F. This motet of 8 voices is a wonderful example of polyphony with many suspensions thrown in for good measure. The music is sweet with a beautiful sadness, making it a work that touches most listeners in a very personal way.Mr. Brink has transposed the work down a fifth into the key of F minor (resolving to F major at the conclusion), otherwise keeping the music true to its origins. This 4 minute work has a range of up to high B-flat for the 1st part. The top four parts are in tenor clef.The mp3 sound file is from a live performance of the Rundfunkchor conducted by Sir Simon Rattle from YouTube®.

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