• Froberger - Ricerare and Fantasia for Four Euphoniums

Froberger - Ricerare and Fantasia for Four Euphoniums

Composer: Froberger

Arranger: Sauer

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Johann Jacob Froberger (May 18, 1616 – May 7, 1667) was a German Baroque composer, keyboard virtuoso, and organist. He was very well known during his lifetime, and modern scholars consider him to be one of the most important keyboard composers before Johann Sebastian Bach.

The Ricercare No. 13 and Fantasia No. 1 for Four Euphoniums (or Three Euphoniums and Tuba) arranged by Ralph Sauer are two wonderfully composed contrapuntal works that are a joy to perform.  They are possibly the best works from a collection of his numerous keyboard compositions.

All parts are in bass clef, are appropriate for advanced performers and can also be performed with 3 Euphoniums and 1 Tuba.

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