• Boccherini - Introduction et Fandango by iTromboni

Boccherini - Introduction et Fandango by iTromboni

Composer: Boccherini

Arranger: iTromboni

$32.50 USD



Players and audiences alike will be captivated by the energy and pizazz of Boccherini's Introduction et Fandango. Initially composed for string quintet, this capricious work was also arranged by Boccherini for guitar and string quartet. Now the visionaries at iTromboni bring you the ultimate evolution of this masterpiece in the form of a trombone quintet (4 tenors, 1 bass), gregariously adapted and arranged by Greg Passmore and Andrew Poirier. Some people may even use castanets to enhance this obviously Spanish work. We might make fun of them for it, but they might do that. It is interesting that well within the Classical Period framework, a vast array of textures and string effects were pioneered by this adventurous composer. 

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