• AlvarezLucia - Albur - Tango for Trombone and Piano

AlvarezLucia - Albur - Tango for Trombone and Piano

Composer: AlvarezLucia

Arranger: AlvarezLucia

$30.00 USD



Albur - Tango for Trombone and Piano by composer Lucía Álvarez is dedicated to colleague Juan Ibáñez. The work was originally written in 1996 and was recently performed at the ITF in 2021.

Albur begins in a slow sultry mood, introducing the "glissando lento" a recurring motif that appears throughout the entire work. Several contrasting Tango-style sections appear, each with its own character: alluring, explosive, intense song and finally back to the first Tango section like the beginning with a surprise ending.

This fantastic work is a major addition to the repertoire having a huge amount of presence and character. It is appropriate for advanced performers and is about 7 minutes in length. A great addition to a recital.

The exciting performance on the track below is by Gustavo Rosales on Trombone and Margarita Munoz on Piano. Albur appears on the 2002 recording “Prelude to the Unpredictable” featuring the same artists above.

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