• Gabrieli - Sonata Pian 'e Forte for 8-part Antiphonal Trombone Ensemble

Gabrieli - Sonata Pian 'e Forte for 8-part Antiphonal Trombone Ensemble

Composer: Gabrieli

Arranger: McKinney

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Gabrieli's? ???Sonata Pian 'e Forte for 8-part Antiphonal Trombone Ensemble??? has been beautifully arranged (down a fifth from the original key) by Russel McKinney. The work (Ch.175) is part of the 1597? Sacrae symphoniae, published posthumously which contains sixty-three choral and instrumental works, many in multi-choir formations. This 8-part Sonata is in two choirs....a high one and a low one (in this case choir II uses one tenor & three bass trombones with an optional Contrabass Trombone!)

The most unique aspect of this masterpiece is its use of printed dynamics...originally thought to be the first work of its sort;? Pian (soft) and? Forte (loud). These dynamic markings are central to the structure of the work.

This 4 1/2 minute work is appropriate for moderately advanced to advanced performers. Parts 1 A and B are in tenor clef. Parts 4A, 2B,2C & 2D are for Tenor-Bass or Bass Trombones. Part 4B may be performed by a Contrabass Trombonist.

The dramatic performance of the sound sample is by the arranger himself, Bass Trombonist Russell McKinney playing both tenor and bass trombones.

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