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Cimera - Seventy-Nine Studies for Trombone

Composer: Cimera

Arranger: Ervin

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Jaroslav Cimera was a famous virtuoso Trombonist based in Chicago who was a Solo performer, Symphonic artist, and teacher of Low Brass for many years at Northwestern University from 1933 to 1967. This book of 79 Studies from 1949 was written when there was very little literature of its kind for the Trombone. Unlike his "55 Phrasing Studies" from 1959, these are more difficult with challenging unexpected slide-work in many unusual keys. As there are no metronome markings, the student is encouraged to find an appropriate tempo for practice before adding to the speed. Professor Tom Ervin, Emeritus Professor of Music from the University of Arizona, has added a foreword to the book with insights to Mr. Cimera's career and ways to use his book to its fullest extent. Cherry Classics Music is pleased to add this fine book of studies by Professor Cimera to our Vintage Brass Collection.

This book is distributed by Cherry Classics under license to Alfred Music.

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