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Brubeck - 5-Minute Lessons for Trumpet Method

Composer: Brubeck

Arranger: Brubeck

$20.00 USD



5-Minute Lessons for Trumpet Method by David Brubeck is comprised of 12 progressive lessons for beginners, featuring fun but simple melodies.  

The lessons concentrate on: a) getting a steady stream of air going, b) good posture and relaxation of the body c) working with the teacher, d) scales and some of their modes, e) articulation, f) learning about rest, g) rhythm, h) duple and triple meters, i) fun songs to play, j) slurring and legato

Presented in a handsome coil-bound booklet, this method book is an excellent way to introduce a beginning young performer to the artistry of learning the Trumpet.

Mr. Brubeck composes some of his own songs as well as using more familiar traditional melodies.

This book is also available on Apple iTunes as an iBook for $6.99 USD at the iTunes site: iTunes site

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