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Hesse - 5,6,7 Warmup Routine for Trumpet

Composer: Hesse

Arranger: Hesse

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Mick Hesse has written a warmup routine in three chapters using his 50 plus year career as a performing artist and teacher to help mature performers get and stay in shape throughout the course of a season.

In his own words:

“These 3 Stages of practice are designed to help you get started and keep you practicing in a fundamentally sound way. The exercises start with a five minute time limit and move seamlessly to six and seven minutes of playing. Once memorized these sequences will allow you to pick up your horn and be ready to play a rehearsal with a properly “warmed up” embouchure in five minutes. If your schedule allows 11 or 18 minutes you can be assured that you are not only warmed up but also maintaining a properly functioning embouchure that you can build on as much as time, energy and motivation allows. Rest as needed during this practice session.”

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