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Hill - 24 Low Legato Studies for Trombone with F attachment

Composer: Hill

Arranger: Vernon

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Here is what Charles Vernon of the Chicago Symphony says about the Hill 24 Low Legato Studies for Trombone with F attachment:

"William H. Hill was a great teacher and motivator. He understood, being a Bass Trombonist, the importance of the “Money Register”, hence the Low Register Studies for Trombone. He instilled in all of us the need for all fine Trombonists to play and perform in this part of the instrument. All of us who play Bass Trombone most of the time already play in the low register, and are painfully aware of the need for Tenor Trombonists to work a lot more than they do in this register.

By having these studies reprinted, I am trying to help extend Mr. Hill’s mission to improve the sound of the Trombone in all registers."

The 24 studies use vocalises from the bel canto style of singing, but in the low register, down to low C. To use these properly you will need an F attachment. They can be most useful to Tenor Trombonists wanting to obtain a rich sound and flexible technique in that "Money Register". Each study is about a page long and the 24 studies go through most of the major and minor flat and sharp keys.

Mr. Vernon and Cherry Classics are grateful to the Hill family in having these studies "brought back to life" through the Vintage Brass Series.

This music is available as an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

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