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Hill - Versatility Studies for Trombone with F attachment

Composer: Hill

Arranger: Vernon

$27.50 USD



The Hill "Versatility Studies for Trombone for F attachment" have been around for a long time, but of out print. We are proud to have brought them back into the light again to stand out as the great studies they are.

Here is what Charlie Vernon, a student of William Hill has to say about these studies:

When I look back on my time with Mr. Hill, 95% of all lessons that I had with him were spent studying music fundamentals from Arban, Schlossberg and Bordogni. Along with those studies we also spent time working on the basic flexibility exercises, which we now have as the “Versatility Studies”. I am so thankful for his insistence on the importance of the basics because that way of teaching has become the way I practice and teach all my lessons.

He was a great inspiration to all of his students, and with these “old” books I hope to help many players who will use them and become better players and teachers.

There is an ebook of this on iTunes.

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