• Arban - Method for Alto Trombone - Part 2

Arban - Method for Alto Trombone - Part 2

Composer: Arban

Arranger: Groves

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The Arban Method is a complete pedagogical method for students of the Trumpet, Cornet, and other brass instruments. First published by Jean-Baptiste Arban in 1859, it contains hundreds of exercises, ranging in difficulty. The method begins with basic exercises and progresses to very advanced compositions, including the famous arrangement of Carnival of Venice. (Wikipedia)

Wayne Groves has arranged, edited, and compiled the entire method into 4 parts for the Alto Trombone

This edition is invaluable for performers wishing to build on their Alto Trombone technique as well as Tenor Trombonists wishing to improve their high register and alto clef reading.

Part 2 (125 pages) contains the following: Foreword, Introduction, Ornaments, Preparatory Studies, Gruppetto (turns), Three Note Gruppetto, Double Appoggiatura, Short Appoggiatura (Grace Note), Portamento, Trills, Mordent, Intervals, Triplets, Sixteenth Notes, Perfect Major and Minor Chords, Dominant Seventh Chords, Diminished Seventh Chords, Cadenzas, Triple Tongue, Double Tongue, Slur and Double Tongue and Applied Triple and Double Tongue.

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