• Fetter - Deep Water for 8-part Trombone Choir

Fetter - Deep Water for 8-part Trombone Choir

Composer: Fetter

Arranger: Fetter

$37.50 USD



Deep Water for 8-part Trombone Choir by David Fetter is a unique work with haunting and dramatic sounds which the composer produced by stacking moving chords in different registers and dynamics. The musical canvas is always moving or swaying like the water and creates an hypnotic effect to the listener.

Here is a brief comment from the composer about the work:

Deep Water refers to the deep sea that surrounds and provides protection to Taiwan.

Here is a bit more about the origins of Deep Water.

Deep Water was premiered on July 17th, 2008 at Shih-Chien University, Taipei as part of Summer Trombone Workshop-Taiwan (later the Asia Trombone Seminar). As the first international trombone event in Asia, the seminar was founded by William Chu and Huai-En Tsai in 2007. This event attracted hundreds international trombonists and audiences since its establishment, and featured artists such as Dave Taylor, Dietmar Küblböck, Ko-Ichiro Yamamoto, Denson Paul Pollard, James Olin and many others that made it received a congrats from then-ITA president, Mr. Don Lucas. 

This 6 1/2 minute work is appropriate for advanced performers.

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