• Underhill - Trombone Walking for Solo Trombone

Underhill - Trombone Walking for Solo Trombone

Composer: Underhill

Arranger: Underhill

$20.00 USD



Here is a brief description of Trombone Walking by Canadian composer Owen Underhill.

Trombone Walking was originally written as part of a larger site-specific collaboration with dance called Imprint. The intention is for the trombonist to walk while playing the composition.

Either the trombonist can memorize the composition or play with a lyre. One option in concert performance is to begin the work behind the audience or offstage and then proceed to the stage or around the audience.

The music is marked Slow, Stately Processional, sending a powerful message of expressiveness . There are passages of multiphonics that add a mysterious feel to the 4-minute work.

Appropriate for advanced performers.

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