• Johansen - Warmups for Trombone

Johansen - Warmups for Trombone

Composer: Johansen

Arranger: Johansen

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Below is a description by Professor Johansen of his new book, Warmups for Trombone.

As most trombone authorities agree, warming up is an inevitable part of all brass players' daily life!

Most prominent teachers stress the importance of thinking of warming up rather as daily routines or maintenance rather than a necessary ceremony before your daily work.

I am a firm believer that having a routine is important for all brass players and changing that routine quite often as well.

That means that you should build up a “mental library” of exercises that you know work for you – exercises that you are working with and trying to get into your “library”.

Warmups for Trombone is a compilation of exercises I have made for students over the years. Some are made for very young players (only 10-15 minutes) and some for Academy students and professionals.

Included are also scale exercises and a large portion of the father of Danish trombone tradition Anton Hansen's exercises which have long been out of print.

Niels-Ole Bo Johansen is a full professor at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus Denmark where he has been teaching since 1989. Besides his teaching activities he has recorded extensively (more than 15 solo CDs), arranged and researched contemporary music as well as older Danish music. Before pursuing a full-time career as a teacher and administrator he had a 20-year tenure as a trombonist in military bands and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra. He is currently trombonist in the Aarhus Sinfonietta.

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