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Knowles - Seventeen Foolish Studies for Trombone

Composer: Knowles

Arranger: Knowles

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Kenneth Knowles Seventeen Foolish Studies for Trombone are unique in the Trombone literature. They are light-hearted, funny, clever, entertaining, well composed and very useful from a pedagogical perspective. Some are based on well-known orchestral works with major Trombone solos, some are based on warm-ups, etc. There is plenty of humour to go around, even for the most serious-minded performer. The Studies are geared towards the advanced level performer.


The movements are titled:

1.  J. S. Gershwin
2. Chiefly Warmups
3. The Ride of the Mice and the Magpie
4. Blow 'n Grin
5. A la T. D.
6. A. Pryor Appointment
7. A Fantastic Doodle
8. H. B. Rimsky
9. Requiem for Sussmeyer
10. Slide Areas
11. Prince Igor
12. Minor Matters!
13 Viktor E.
14. Big Mac
15. The Range Building
16. What are Brahms?
17. Tenderly Espagnol

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