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Corelli - Three Trio Sonatas for Trombone Trio

Composer: Corelli

Arranger: Sauer

$20.00 USD



A new set of three beautiful sounding Corelli, Trio Sonatas for Trombone Trio have been transcribed by retired L.A. Philharmonic Principal Trombonist, Ralph Sauer.

  • Opus 1, No. 2 in D major
  • Opus 1, No. 3 in G major
  • Opus 4, No. 1 in C major

Each trio of about eight minutes in length is in a four movement structure of Slow-Fast-Slow-Fast. There are many great pure chorale harmonies and each second movement has a contrapuntal style to it, which is great for building up keen ears and ensemble sense.

The Sonatas are of moderately advanced difficulty, in Tenor and Bass Clefs. Endurance is not a problem because of the masterful editing of Mr. Sauer. The pieces can be performed by most College/University students and some advanced high schoolers. Range goes from a pedal A for Bass Trombone to one high D for the 1st part, but most of the tessitura is in a normal range.

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