• Frith - WAKE-UP-CALL for Tenor and Bass Trombone with Piano accompaniment

Frith - WAKE-UP-CALL for Tenor and Bass Trombone with Piano accompaniment

Composer: Frith

Arranger: Frith

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WAKE-UP CALL for Tenor Trombone, Bass Trombone and Piano by British composer John Frith throws down the gauntlet to challenge any brave performers who wish to attempt to conquer this exciting new work.

Mr Frith describes the work as follows:

WAKE-UP-CALL was composed to showcase the talents of three "very" capable musicians. It has many Jazz elements beginning with a 1920's - style 'flapper' introduction which reappears as a central section and, later, in the coda. 

A second theme provides a contrasting 'latin' come 'swing' element which is shared equally between the trombones. The piano part is integral to the music and of equal importance throughout. This lyrical second theme is developed using improvisatory techniques. Some of these 'Jazz licks' will challenge even experienced musicians and yet they are not beyond the technique of serious students of the trombone. The pianist will also have their work cut out to master this score but I'm confident that the end result will more than justify the means.

This work is about 5-minutes in length and is appropriate for very advanced performers.

Composer Frith dares pros and amateurs to perform this challenging work and send in their recording (live or otherwise). The first group to submit a "good" quality track will receive a generous gift from Cherry Classics Music.

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