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Bach - School for Trombone - Inventions and Sinfonias BWV 772-801

Composer: Bach

Arranger: Hall

$40.00 USD



The J. S. Bach School for Trombone, expertly arranged and beautifully recorded by Mike Hall, features Bach's 15 two-part Inventions (BWV 772-786) and the 15 three-part Sinfonias (BWV 787-801) as playable duets and trios AND most importantly as "play-along" chamber music on alto, tenor and bass trombone.

In short, a performer may choose any of Mike Hall's 150 superbly recorded tracks as accompaniments to "play-along" with. Similar to the famous Music Minus One recordings from decades past.

What is included in this fantastic project?

All 150 tracks are delivered by a download from a secure and safe link from Shopify. Customers will receive a confirmation email with the link upon completion of payment. The link comes with both the download version and the mailed version.

• 71 pages of the complete Two-part Inventions and Three-part Inventions in score format.

• Mike Hall's Introduction and commentary on each of the above 30 pieces of music, including detailed instruction on how to best perform baroque ornaments on each instrument.

• 150 tracks (in high quality lossless WAV format) of Mike Hall's great performing on alto, tenor and bass trombone of every possible combination of each of the 30 pieces to "Play-along" with on either alto, tenor or bass trombone. Each "play-along" track comes with a click to keep you "on track".

Listen to three performance samples of Mike Hall performing below:

1) Invention No. 1 - Alto alone (Bass Trombone would play along)

2) Sinfonia No. 4 - Tenor and Bass Trombone (Alto Trombone would play along) 

3) Sinfonia No. 14 - Alto, Tenor and Bass Trombone all together

Free PDF Sample

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