• Handel - Messiah - Complete Trombone parts from Mozart arrangement

Handel - Messiah - Complete Trombone parts from Mozart arrangement

Composer: Handel

Arranger: LaFratta

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Handel's Messiah is possibly the most performed work in the classical repertoire. From its earliest beginnings in 1742, others have "modified" it to suit more modern-sized (larger) orchestras. From the original small baroque-sized orchestra in the early 18th Century to the Classical-sized of Mozart through to the full 20th Century version including percussion and tuba by Sir Thomas Beecham. Others have felt that if Handel had lived in their century he surely would have written his grand masterpiece for larger forces, given the passion of the work.

This is Mozart's arrangement from 1789 which was subsequently first published in 1803 and has a Classical-sized orchestra including Alto, Tenor and Bass Trombone. According to Austrian custom of the time, the Trombones were to play ALL of the tutti choruses. Mark LaFratta has beautifully written out edited and transposed all of these choruses into the correct clefs for us to enjoy.

This version is for Alto, Tenor and Bass Trombone.

Trombonists.....this is your chance to be bold and insist that the Trombones perform in the next Messiah. Just do it!! Is the conductor going to argue with Mozart?

This music is appropriate for advanced performers and includes the complete edition of all thirty-eight movements.

Below is a digital rendering of the trombone parts from the movement Worthy Is the Lamb and Amen Chorus.

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