• Bach - Chorales for Brass Trio, Volume I

Bach - Chorales for Brass Trio, Volume I

Composer: Bach

Arranger: Chiang

$25.00 USD



Bach's chorales are four-part Lutheran hymns that were part of mostly larger works such as cantatas, motets, Passions and oratorios. There are 420 of them in total based on the latest publication by Luke Dahn from LuxSitPress in 2017.!

Justin Chiang has miraculously arranged 20 of these Chorales for traditional brass trio (Trumpet in B-flat, Horn and Trombone) in Volume I. They sound great and can be used for a variety of purposes including warming up the group at the beginning of a rehearsal, a recital, funeral, religious service, etc.

Each chorale is identified with a BWV number, title in German and English translation. You cannot be without these gorgeous pieces.

Volume I and II are sold as a set as well.

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