• Moulaert - Suite for Three Trombones

Moulaert - Suite for Three Trombones

Composer: Moulaert

Arranger: Bassett

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Editor Christopher Bassett writes about this newly discovered work for three trombones below.

In the summer of 2021, Dr. Chris Buckholz, Jonathan Randazzo, and myself discovered Raymond Moulaert’s Suite for Three Trombones and decided to record it on our debut album as a trio, Tres Amigos. We were instantly shocked at how magnificent this piece is during our reading of it and were then saddened to learn that this piece is rather unknown and out of print.

With the out-of-print edition we used, we were unable to find a score and also discovered missing measures in some of the parts. Based on our recording of the piece, I have created this new critical edition of the work complete with a score, easier-to-read notation, and the missing measures recomposed to what I believe Moulaert intended.

The Suite is in three movements titled: I. Poco Lento - Maestoso, II. Lento, III. Capriccio.

It is my every hope with the re-publication of this work that the Moulaert Suite for Three Trombones will become a standard in both our pedagogy at the conservatory and in our performance as trombonists.

The work is about 11.5 minutes in length and appropriate for advanced performers.

Distributed by Cherry Classics for IM Music.

The fantastic sample track of the Moulaert recording is from the album Santa Fe Trombones  featuring trombonists Jonathan Randazzo, Christopher Buckholz and Christopher Bassett. The album is available on all the popular music services.

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